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The Food Ingredient Digest

The Food Ingredient Digest

Home Page: “The Food Ingredient Digest” 


Important News Announcement:

“The Food Industry Digest” and “The Food Ingredient Digest” are sophisticated learning InfoWebs that are being converted into private Member subscription websites on 6/20/2016. This means only Members will be able to view our highly valued content and use it for their professional advancement from this point forward. These InfoWebs offer Professionals in the Food, Beverage and Nutraceutical Industry the most advanced learning resources available to promote their careers, decision making abilities and leadership capabilities. As a member of my LinkedIn network, you are invited to join our Membership Group and get this exceptional special offer during our program kickoff period. Take advantage of this offer now just press the “Learn More” button.


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A once-in-a-lifetime subscription entry program has been designed to reward and benefit every person in our fast growing network of 8,450 Members who joined the author’s LinkedIn Group during the past 24 months. Our masterful InfoWebs contain: over four thousand pages of professional distilled content, superior knowledge driven insights, hundreds of proprietary “Intellect System Models” and unique ingredient charts which contain a comprehensive list of ingredient applications and functions. Our special offer will be available only for a limited period of time during the initial kickoff to reward our LinkedIn network members for their loyalty and professional interest.


These InfoWebs contain several proprietary forms of learning tools designed to improve comprehension, speed mental recognition and provide information to promote decision making based on knowledge. Our privileged Members have direct access to the first and only compendium format “Master References” on the Internet, which is an exclusive offer only found on our InfoWebs. Start improving your MindPower right away with intellectual advantages our superior content offers through repeated use of our exceptional Master References. The individual Member’s subscription is a time limited offer which locks in your permanent price discount. To take advantage of this offer right away click the “Learn More” button.


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New Visions: Our Food Industry “Master References” will “Improve Your MindPower”

Internet Experts predict a paradigm shift in knowledge transfer will occur when Internet technology is used to distill, organize and customize information to create new “value added” learning models. We are bringing you our version of this new learning technology to transform the Food Industry and help prepare you for the future.


  • “The Food Industry Digest” and “The Food Ingredient Digest” are the first and only compendium format “Master References” on the Internet.


  • Our InfoWebs are constructed to improve your mental recognition skills with regular use of our “Intellect System Models” (ISM’s) and custom food ingredient charts.


  • These “Master References” are very different from traditional information design; and are “living” resources with constant updating, improvements, additions and revisions.


  • Our “Master References” save time, offer continuing education and improve your mind’s problem solving capability.


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Read our InfoWebs and ask yourself several questions:

  1. What is your current plan to improve your professional skills set?
  2. Moving forward, what do you offer to improve your company ?
  3. How will you accomplish this and deliver the results to your company?


This is why we created the “Digests” and are here to assist you. Sometimes people become so focused on their daily life they lose sight of the “Big Picture”. The knowledge you gain by practicing the daily art and habit of “excellence” will train you to comprehend and deliver numerous improvements to your company.


We want to help clarify the following areas:

      • Food Industry Components.
      • Food Industry Terms.
      • Food Industry Markets & Market Sub-segments.
      • Food Ingredients Used By Market Segment.
      • Food Industry Basic Process Methods.
      • Food Ingredients By Function.


“The Food Industry Digest” and “The Food Ingredient Digest” (both owned by InfoStar Media LLC) provide professionals involved in food manufacturing with a universal but concise information reference. Our InfoWebs are designed to appear plain and easy to process by the human eye and brain. You will learn over time, as you drill down into these InfoWebs they uncover, unravel and deliver information about the complexities of the Food Industry in new and unique ways.


These InfoWebs are designed for Food Industry Professionals in pursuit of “excellence” to:

  • Continue development of their industry knowledge.
  • Create new food intermediates and end products.
  • Design new ingredients and ingredient functions/applications.
  • Capitalize on strategic advantages they have identified in the marketplace for their company.
  • Grow Sales and Marketing campaign programs.
  • Improve their company personnel’s collective intellect.
  • Building their company’s “Winning Team(s)”.


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